about me

Ana Rogers

I am a beach loving, picture taking SoCal native who moved to Oahu in 2012. I spent over 15 years in sales & marketing in the electronics manufacturing industry, which thankfully has given me the technical and business experience to complement my photography.  

Envisage Hawaii was born when I decided to marry two of my favorite passions together: photography & design. I have always loved being behind the camera. And I love the process of creating something, from the conception of an idea all the way to a tangible result.  

My desire is to take pictures and edit them in a way that the colors and tones will evoke a certain feeling, while looking chic in a large format. I love to collaborate with talented creatives within the interior design world; and I want to attract clients who love their space and want the perfect piece to coordinate with their decor. I focus on creating and customizing my images so each person has a special and sentimental feeling when they walk by their purchase. 

In my free time I love to surf, stand-up paddle, swim, hike, read, nap, cook healthy food, tinker with DIY projects, and spend time with the people that mean the most to me.  Being able to share who I am and what I create with others in such a personal way is incredibly rewarding and I love it!



I am passionate about creating images that evoke a feeling of surreal & modern serenity.